About Us

Health is an integral part of well-being, beauty, self-confidence and, therefore, happiness. Senamiesčio stomatologijos klinika is here to help you smile with confidence.

History of our clinic

Since 2003, specialists in various fields - orthodontics, oral hygiene, odontology, periodontics - have been working together, united by a passion for their work, a sincere desire to help the patient, and a desire to improve. As soon as we started working, we set ourselves the goal to be the best in our field, to take care of every client and to never stop improving. After many years of working together, we can proudly say that we still remind ourselves of these goals every day and never stop striving for greater knowledge and professionalism.


Modern dental equipment, a wide range of diagnostic options, a full range of dental services and a comfortable environment will allow you to receive all the treatment you need in one place. The friendly and helpful staff will not only create an individual treatment plan, but also encourage you to return again and again for preventive oral hygiene treatments or if a family member has a toothache.

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